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I'm never satisfied with the current trends and fads flying around the web. Creativity, I believe will never progress unless we climb outside the confining box of simplemindedness.

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The brief history of Ubuntu Linux
Posted on Monday September 04, 2017

Ubuntu Linux is one of a number of different flavors of the Linux operating system. The various different brands of Linux are generally known as Linux Distributions and usually shortened to Linux Distros by Linux community. In terms of the history of Linux, Ubuntu is not very old. In the relatively short period of time […]

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Difference between Ubuntu and Linux?
Posted on Sunday September 03, 2017

Have you ever think what is difference between Ubuntu and Linux? It may look somehow funny, but many of people don’t know about this. Generally people refer Linux as an Operating System(OS) which is incorrect. Linux actually refers to the kernel module developed by Linus Torvalds. The kernel act as the middle man between user […]

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JioPhone technical feature revealed
Posted on Thursday August 24, 2017

JioPhone India ka smartphone, a ₹1500 hybrid feature/smart phone is most awaited phone that support true 4G VoLTE and many more features. If you are thinking to buy JioPhone, you need to know the features first of this phone. JioPhone Pre-booking already started and you need to pay ₹500 at the time of booking. At […]

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A Rs.299 feature phone? Detel d1
Posted on Wednesday August 16, 2017

I know what will you think immediately after reading this, not another Freedom 251 kind of disaster, But this one is for real. It’s not a smartphone, or 4G VoLTE like JioPhone. This is basic 2G real feature phone with basic functions. Company not a marketing gimmick to get free publicity, not a flight of […]

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Trick to download Youtube Videos Without any Software
Posted on Sunday August 13, 2017

Are you wondering about the simplest way to download your favorite videos from YouTube from your computer or mobile? There are too many softwares that helps us to download videos in one clicks, but in this post I’m going to share best way to download YouTube videos without any software. There are millions of people like […]

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